This is information to all my health conscious readers regarding weight loss. It is very common nowadays that people usually search for ways to lose weight. In fact they follow proper techniques , go for gym workout and minors also try the best way to lose their weight but yes it’s possible they may lose or they may not. I can’t justify that it depends only on their diet plans but it depends on various factors. There are several natural ways to lose weight .But in the article

    Today I am gonna share such ways which you must adopt specially during monsoons .Yes, it’s the magic of monsoon season which is really awesome as it brings refreshing rain and great sense of relief after hot summers. Everyone waits very desperately for these monsoons.

    However, on the other hand , there are various matters of concern also. Monsoon brings many ailments along with flu, typhoid, dengue, malaria fever and many infections too .

    These problems are very common in monsoons which is really an issue for our health.

    Henceforth, in order to keep yourself healthy , you must eat fruits that will keep the balance between your immune response and Nutrition.

    According to Ayurveda, one must follow balanced diet plans according to the seasons. This behaviour brings refreshing nature, healthcare and prevents illness.


    Here are Fruits to Consume During Monsoon

    • Soup: Instead of consuming street food one must try a bowl of steamy soup which contains boiled vegetables as they fulfil nutrition, it is easy to digest. Soup made up of vegetables, black pepper, corn or chicken keeps our body hydrated throughout the whole day.
    • Seasonal fruits such as jamun and Plums: We must eat it regularly in a day. Jamun has an acidic nature as it helps to prevent liver diseases as it contains bioactive phytochemicals .Plums are rich in vitamins , minerals and high in antioxidants.
    • Sprouts: Not only monsoons but it benefits our body in all seasons so one must try them throughout the year.They are highly protein rich, they make our immune system healthy, also it assists to fight against various variants.
    • Herbal tea with honey: If one is suffering from commonly found diseases such as flu, typhoid, mosquito infections , cold, cough then he must try herbal teas like tulsi tea and ginger tea that really supports our immune system. Instead of adding sugar , one must include honey which holds antibacterial properties.
    • Turmeric milk : One can easily avail of a common kitchen ingredient that is turmeric , it is such a miraculous healing aid . It is believed that turmeric has the healing tendency as it treats our wounds .One must include a glass of turmeric milk every day before going to bed.

    Tumeric has high anti-inflammatory properties which boosts our immune system and keeps our body away from infections.

    • Probiotics: It is recommended to take more fermented foods and probiotics. These include yoghurt, buttermilk, pickles. probiotics are known to be good bacteria which stays in our digestive tract. Moreover they help in preventing several diseases spreading in our whole body.
    • Lemon: It is highly rich in vitamin C as it is a citrus fruit. It also holds its importance to boost our immune system. We come in contact with diseases during monsoon more often. Vitamin C fights against diseases , infections and promotes healthy bones. Try lemon pulp which is highly recommended specially during monsoons adding lemon to food and salads is really healthy and keeps boosting our nutritions as well.
    • Nuts and dry fruits:As we know they are high in vitamins and minerals, they are ideal during monsoon season. Healthy nuts and dry fruits include dates, almonds, cashews and walnuts.They contain high content of riboflavin and niacin which also boost our immune response.They protect our cells as they are potent antioxidants.

    We must avoid street food and consume nutritional nuts, dry fruits .

    Here are some 5-monsoon-fruits-can-help-you-lose-weight which are generally low in calories and high in fibre content which is used to weight-loss-in-monsoon . Fruits have always been miraculous in nature as they keep away problems of hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer problems.

    These fruits includes :

    • Grapefruit: it has always been associated with dieting and weight loss . According to the data, Half of a grapefruit provides only 37-38 calories but has 51% of Vitamin C. Red pigment is found to provide sufficient Vitamin A.

    Grapefruit has low glycemic index (GI), tendency to release sugar slowly into the bloodstream and low GI may aid in Weight loss .

    It also reduces body fat, waist circumference and controls hypertension.

    Grapefruit can be eaten anytime but suits well in salads and other sources.

    Grapefruit also contains a lot of naringenin which is a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that protects our body against diabetes and heart diseases.

    • Apples: They have 116 calories and approx. 5.4 g of fibre per fruit making it a high fibrous fruit .

    They also have been associated with weight loss. Drinking apple juice leads to lower body fat levels and also maintains cholesterol levels .

    • Berries: They also have few calories like raspberries have 64 cal. And 12% of the daily value for vitamin K.

    Strawberries have 99% of daily value for vitamin C and have 3g of dietary also maintains cholesterol levels, helps to low down high blood pressure levels .it is beneficial for overweight people.

    • Stone fruits: they are also a kind of seasonal fruits with a fleshy exterior like stone also called as drupes. Stone fruits are also low in calories. Stone fruits include peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries and apricots..

    They help people to lose weight as they have a low GI level , low in calories and are highly nutritious.

    There are just 58 calories in a peach ,87 cal. in a cup of cherries, about 65 in four apricots and two small plums.

    • Passion fruit: It is usually grown in South America .It contains just 18 calories and contains a lot of iron , potassium, Vitamin A and C.
    • Rhubarb: it is a kind of vegetable found in areas of Europe and North America. Contains only 11 calories per stalk.It may also aid in lowering high cholesterol.
    • Kiwifruit: it is a highly nutritious fruit ,a great source of vitamin C , Vitamin K, folate and fibre. They increase immune system response.
    • Melons
    • Avocados
    • Bananas
    • Oranges


    According to there are various fruits which hold great properties which we can avail to with very ease ,these-5-monsoon-fruits-can-help-you-lose-weight and are highly must try it in every monsoon season. They will definitely gonna lose weight as they have a very low number of calories and greater fibre content. They also control blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels. These are the major fruits which will aid in Weight loss.


    What should we eat and not eat in monsoons ?

    One must avoid spicy and dry food during monsoon, as it is difficult to digest.

    What should you avoid during monsoon?

    one must add probiotics to diet ,try to avoid leafy vegetables and seafood. street food must be fully avoided as it causes stomach infections.

    Is monsoon good for skin or not?

    As the rain water brings toxins along with it, it is better to avoid skin from exposure to rain. if we do so it is only going to damage our skin.Infact insufficient skincare may cause premature ageing and cause several skin infections.

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