Check out the latest spoiler of our tyrant became young 

    Author and illustrator Lee Minyeong is the creator of the Korean webtoon series “our tyrant became young spoiler.” The series relates the tale of Yi Yon, a tyrant emperor who was cursed by a witch to transform into a kid. He also begins to see the impact his actions as an emperor have had on his people.

    As the story progresses, Yi Yon and Bora run into a number of challenges and issues, such as hostile foreign countries who wish to conquer their own as well as political machinations and disputes inside their own.

    A Quick History of Kim Jong Un

    After that, Kim Jong Un’s uncle Jang Song Thaek, who had previously succeeded his father as North Korea’s leader, made Kim Jong Un the country’s new leader official.

    The fight against leadership corruption as well as broader economic reform and international liberalisation were among these changes.

    The Spoil-Master’s Life 

    He used to play games and ask questions that would frame him with responses he already knew in order to learn crucial secrets from individuals. He used to relish the investigation into each child’s life’s secrets. 


    Yi Yon learns what compassion, generosity, and love are all about as he gets used to his new existence.

    He also starts to understand how his acts as the emperor affected his people. He begins to see the world from a different angle and learns how to use his influence and power for the greater good. 

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