Churn Out The Flavors Of Spanish Music With Selena Gomez’s Latest Album ‘revelación’

Perhaps Even though Selena Gomez had the original idea to learn a new language in the midst of quarantine, she is the only musician who was able to utilize the opportunity and be successful with her latest project, which featured her learning Spanish tracks while also teaming up with other artists. Also, she has participated in a few Spanish projects before like “Más” and her namesake artist’s well-known song “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. However, with her first official Spanish album, “Revelación,” she has fully expressed her full potential. This is a very diverse collection of songs (with DJ Snake). Selena’s amazing ability to hold on to the language on every track have brought a lot of attention to these tracks.

This song, called “Revelación,” follows and provides the same mystical aura and spirit that was previously discovered on this 28-year-old female pop singer’s previous releases. Though this latest album seems to be generating more buzzes than her previous releases, her past releases received even more attention. In a very candid admission, Selena Gomez stated that her most recent album sounds better in Spanish than in English. This song deals with the theme of recovering strength after a painful breakup, which is symbolized by its track title “De Una Vez”. In English, the lyrics go “I went so that you don’t forget/that after your death, I can live again.” Even though the song reprises a central thematic idea from the previous record, the intricate Spanish lyrics convey the artist’s impressive vocal dexterity and enliven the track by maintaining her brilliant musicianship and catchy melody.

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