Eriel Indigo has churned out unique beats of hip hop and RnB in the sensational number ‘Wasted’

Eriel Indigo has a musicality that has enthralled innumerable listeners. Many of the myths she has busted with her striking number “Wasted” are inscribed using panache. What an extraordinary album put out by California-based Versatile Music Artist! This avant-garde music label, called Ill art manifest, has just released the brilliant number. The artist is a Los Angeles-based, creative activist and director. Her brand of musicality possesses the qualities of immersive performance and audiovisual expression, according to me. Through her holistic transformations, she has engaged her audiences. Her extensive body of work includes observations and knowledge that go beyond the surface. Her songs can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube.

The song, ‘Wasted‘ offers an exciting blend of raw instrumentation and melodic phrasing. An artist fascinated by powerful vocals is ERIEL INDIGO. The song has a wonderful hook. Her album, “Angels & Aliens,” will have fifteen tracks. For my money, I believe the track is worthy of four and a half stars. She has joined forces with West Coast bass producer An-Ten-Nae, who is known as “Mr. Bongo”, to release a joint album entitled “WHYT RBBT”.

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