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    The domain name is associated with a content delivery network (CDN) service that is utilised by Feednews, a news aggregator app that offers users personalized and curated news articles from different sources. Pop-up advertisements from however, may be encountered by some users and can be obtrusive and bothersome. In this article, we’ll describe, why it displays advertising or reroutes users, and the numerous ways you can prevent it.


    In order to deliver material to users more quickly and effectively based on their vicinity, a CDN is a network of servers spread over numerous regions and cities. Through decreased latency, bandwidth use, and server strain, a CDN can enhance user experience. One of the domains managed by the Feednews CDN is , which provides the Feednews app with content like news articles, pictures, and videos.

    Use the Feednews app to personalise your news feed based on your reading preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle. Additional features include the ability to share content on social media sites, save articles for offline reading, and sign up for push notifications for breaking news. An array of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, and more, are supported by Feednews, which claims to have over 100 million users globally.

    Why does divert users or display ads?

    Some users can run across unwanted and obtrusive pop-up adverts from These advertisements might show up when consumers open an app or click on an article. When certain users visit other websites, particularly news or e-commerce sites, they might also be sent to When a website uses the Feednews CDN service to provide its content, domain redirection may take place.

    How do I stop

    Ad blockers, firewalls, browser add-ons, or modifying the hosts file are just a few of the techniques you can use to prevent advertisements or redirects. These techniques can assist you in blocking access to the domain or preventing advertisements from appearing on web pages. You can browse more conveniently and without fuss without annoying interruptions by blocking

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