Go back in time with Skit’s latest single ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’

What does “minimal” mean to you? The terms and music that it describes have changed dramatically over the past 25 years and reached their peak around the mid-2000s when sound ruled the international dance and electronic music scenes from London to Berlin to Ibiza. Anyone who loves music should go ahead and listen to Skit’s latest single, a DJ and producer hailing from Belgium. The song, ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’, which is entirely instrumental, is best described as a blend of minimal techno and retro electro.

Doggy Bag Bitch made a strong point right from the start, with its instantly evoking nerves and quickly addictive sound design. Starting up with hard-hitting synthesizers, it only takes a few seconds before the track begins to build into a straight-up banger. Skit’s soundscape has been elevated to a new level by the track’s exciting flow, which was achieved through exceptional instrumental abilities. The fast-paced drum and bass beats that are strong in terms of having a dance-ready vibe, making it a great blend of old-school style and energetic bounce.

His music is widely popular and available on major streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Listen to this banger Doggy Bag Bitch here

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