Influencer Lakshika Gayal’s Fame Rises on Social Media

Sri Lanka’s Lakshika Gayal is an influencer whose number of followers on Twitter and Instagram are constantly rising. And for a good reason — he educates and inspires.

Colombo, Sri Lanka — Influencers have become an important part of many people’s lives in our social media age. From inspiration to entertainment, and everything in between, followers pay attention, become involved in their daily lives, and eagerly await their latest news. Lakshika Gayal, a Sri Lankan-based influencer on the rise, is one of those making an increasingly large impact. With a captivating lifestyle and an infectious, positive personality, it’s easy to see why he’s gaining popularity not just in Sri Lanka, but all over the world.

“I am devoted to what I do,” Lakshika stated. “From my business to my social media presence, my relationships, and everything in between. Life is more enjoyable when you are completely devoted!”

Lakshika Gayal created music as a DJ a few years ago and freely shared it with the world. He had over millions clicks in a month. Stars such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, King Bach, and over 45 others from various industries began following him on Twitter to keep up with his work. But that isn’t all.

He was on the lookout for changes. Lakshika is the founder of multiple tech-companies including WedMe, xPlore, Bodimak, etc. His love for the tech has carried over into his social media life, as evidenced by his growing A-list following on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Lakshika Gayal claims that even while working a full-time job, he always wanted to quit and devote all of his time to becoming a successful influencer. His goal was to show people like himself that dreams can always come true if one believes in them. Lakshika Gayal wants to highlight how, despite many people who did not believe in him, he became one of the fastest-growing influencers on social media network.

He can now live his life with his entrepreneurship as a result of his constant hustle. Lakshika Gayal describes himself as an influencer because he has helped others build fortunes for themselves.

Finally, don’t forget to heed Lakshika’s advice to “define your purpose, write down your goals, and picture what drives you every single day.” You will not fail at anything if you do this.”

Media Contact:
Contact Person Name: Lakshika Gayal
City: Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka

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