Jizzy – Dubstep Producer, A Name to Remember

Yeshan Menaka, notoriously known as ‘Jizzy Yesh‘ is a dubstep producer from The Perl of Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. Jizzy is well-known in Sri Lanka for his contributions to the dubstep music industry.

Jizzy has been a fan of bass music since he was a child. He began making bass music solely for the sake of his love of bass music. He also dazzled in the Riddem and bass house genres. Jizzy is also the creator of Sri Nation, one of the most popular music promotion channels on YouTube in Sri Lanka. It’s no secret that Sri Nation is a fantastic platform for underrated and emerging artists to share their music with the rest of the world and shine a light on them.

Jizzy has collaborated with a number of popular Sri Lankan musicians, including Dimi3, Dumiya, and Apzi. Those are just a few examples. Jizzy also had the chance to work with various international artists. Jizzy was booked at nearly every EDM festival in Sri Lanka due to his music. Jizzy is without a doubt the undisputed king of the Sri Lankan dubstep industry. There are numerous Jizzy tracks that have received 1 million views. His latest album, ‘The Untold Story‘ which was released a couple of months ago has grabbed a lot of people’s attention. It was featured by numerous artists such as Dimi3, Amizio, Glitch Lord OHM, Mechanic, and Dulhani.

Album art of Jizzy’s latest- ‘Madhahase’

It’s no secret that Jizzy is an all-arounder. You’ll be surprised by his singing abilities if you listen to his latest track, ‘Madhahase‘ which he did with Jinna.

Bounce That, a track was done by Jizzy and Mechanic that was released last month, has also become very popular. They even released a remix EP of that track a couple of days ago due to its popularity. DroidStep, DJ MASS, Nisalo, NEULOWS, Amizio, and RadonNoize remixed the popular track Bounce That on the following EP.

The extraordinary abilities of Jizzy are just getting started; it is pushing forward, making headway, and surging with no signs of stopping or diminishing.

You can follow Jizzy on all major social media platforms to stay in touch with new music.




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