Nkese P Makes Headlines With Her Latest Upbeat Ep ‘Multidimensional’

The acting, singing, and songwriting of Trinidad and Tobago-born singer, songwriter, and voice actress Nkese Perez has pushed the boundaries of the industry with her ethereal work. A talented singer champions high-spirited musicianship and she breaks expectations with her unique taste in melodies. Six eclectic songs can be found on the singer’s new EP, ‘Multidimensional.’ Few songs are as vibrant and creative as “Boom Boom,” “Rock,” “No Sleeping,” and “Heads Up High,” and the hooks all work to keep her name in the limelight. Her music is a perfect blend of Caribbean music with Island pop, all of which are given an African flavor with additional reggae, Afrobeat, and other contemporary styles of pop.

WunderMusic: Well done on the release of your latest EP. Is the music’s popularity something you’re concerned about?

Nkese P: In my opinion, the blending of Caribbean music with Pop music is still quite a novel concept, which is why I believe it hasn’t become widespread. On the other hand, the fans like the fresh sound of the music.

WunderMusic: For those who don’t know, how do you describe yourself as an artist?

Nkese P: It is more complex than just being multidimensional. I want to be remembered for my creativity and the way that I move. I want a singer who can sing different types of music, from soft to hard rock, and rock it well.

WunderMusic: What’s the EP ‘Multidimensional’ about and what’s so special about it?

Nkese P: This is my first EP, and therefore this EP is unique to me. I’m making a concerted effort to experiment with various genres and sounds in order to create a unique sound. a combination of reggae, soca, dancehall, and Caribbean music Island pop is what I like to call it.

WunderMusic: While your music contains a wide range of styles, what has allowed you to create something so distinct?

Nkese P: There are two reasons for this. The first is that I dislike following the crowd. I like to carve out my own path, and I don’t know any mainstream artists who do this (fusing genres), so I’d like to try to be that one. 2. I’m simply too in love with so many different genres to choose one that truly represents me. So many people have my style. That is why I admire artists like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, and Doja Cat, who have a track record of singing songs in a variety of genres and nailing them all. That is exactly what I intend to do.

WunderMusic: What has been your most memorable achievement so far?

Nkese P: Sharing the stage and performing with Motown legends such as Martha Reeves Tommy Hunt, Brenda Holloway for the 60th Anniversary of Northern Soul in Skegness England in front of thousands of people. It was an epic experience, which confirmed to me that on a stage is a place I’d wanna be for a long time.

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