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    Elon Musk the CEO of the Twitter app said, in contrast to spam/Fake accounts that he is likely to pay less than the $44 billion offer he made last month for Twitter

    Elon Mask Tech billionaire Elon Musk said on Tuesday that a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter would only go ahead if the company shows that less than 5 percent of the accounts on the platform are fake or spam which is creating hurdles in making investments therefore, he ensures the audience and users that he will build up the assurance of people.Keep Reading about

    According to On Tuesday, He said on Twitter that “20 percent of Fake/spam accounts, while there may be 4 times more than what Twitter claims. He said on Twitter “My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filing being accurate,”

    “The entrepreneur was prohibited from the evidence of proofing the 5 percent with the public. The deal is was in trouble until he agrees,” he said.

    Mr. Agarwal also added in the statement: “The tough challenge is that many accounts that appear fake on the surface – are real people. And some of the spam accounts that are the most dangerous — and hurt our users the most — may appear legitimate on the surface,” he said.

    It has led to a significant loss to Twitter’s CEO’s long thread on spam sends mixed messages by Mr. Musk over his $44 billion takeover, which has been “temporarily put on hold” pending a lot of questions and controversies over the social media company’s estimates large number of fake/Spam accounts or “bots”- Bots are the automated accounts that are not human generated.

    While the reliability of user statistics is an essential criterion for evaluating the revenue of Twitter and other social media companies, analysts usually interpret Mr. Musk’s messages as an attempt to pull them out of the deal or as an attempt to push a lower price.

    In the conference meeting conducted by Elon Musk, at Miami Technology, He estimated that at least 20 percent of Twitter’s 229 million accounts are spam bots, a percentage amount he said according to a lower valuation. Even at the All-In Summit 2022, Musk gave the strongest signal that he wanted to pay less than the USD 44 billion offer he made last month for Twitter.

    Musk said:” You can’t pay the same price for something worse than what they used to claim.”

    Indicators related to Spam accounts |

    There are lots of controversies related to spam/ Fake accounts on Twitter. It’s been observed by Elon Musk that it’s not a difficult thing to identify the bot account. Here mentioned below some tips to rectify the indicator of Spam accounts. There includes-

    1. Weird usernames-

    These spam accounts come with different characteristics and word usernames. However, the actual accounts never intend to use weird characters.

    1. Suspicious content-

    It has been observed that these accounts particularly have questionable content to their respective account and have unverified information like the typical bots.

    1. Multiples followers-

    They generally have multiple followers since they engaged with various accounts with similar bots accounts. 

    1. Low engagement with the posts-

    The post content uploaded onto the internet is likable to be low engagement with few retweets, likes, and comments.

    1. Non-relevant information-

    Generally, you found they mentioned spam accounts to gain public interest concerning non-relevant information on social media accounts.

    As you have read above the few controversies help to recognize the Spam/Fake accounts on Twitter or other social media platforms. Henceforth, it’s important to well research the respective account with concrete shreds of evidence that should have multiple characteristics of the above information.

    Musk’s report analysis-

    According to Musk’s reports analysis, he said: He and his team are in deep research of tracing the records of these fake/ Bots accounts on Twitter. He clarifies the methodology behind “Invite 1000 People of any random account” and sees the consequences later.

    The impact of these followers will be observed and the report analysis by his team will be represented worldwide, he said.

    “Any sensible random sampling process is fine and will invite others to repeat the same process” to see what they would discover, he said on Twitter.  If found many people have independently got similar results for % of fake/spam/duplicate accounts. “I picked 100 as the sample size of numbers to calculate <5% fake/spam/ duplicates or bots accounts” he tweeted.

    Carl T. Bergstrom, a University of Washington professor who co-wrote a book to help people understand data and avoid being taken in by false claims online, told CNBC that sampling 100 followers of any single Twitter account should not serve as “due diligence” for making a $44 billion acquisition.

    He said that a sample size of 100 is far smaller than the norm for social media researchers studying similar issues and could result in selection bias.

    Overview by the public

    The CEO of Twitter Musk and his entire team are researching to resolve the issues of Spam/ Fake and Bots accounts. however, the public on Twitter is still arguing and trolling the issues worldwide that the steps are not taken by him and his team in the right manner and they are concerned about the right method to find the real solution to removing these bots from Twitter.

    Public controversies are based on the process to find the real percentage of Bot, Spam/Fake accounts where the significance of the research is still yet to be clear.

    Twitter used to be treated as the real place for all the political parties, games athletes, food information, and many more which is now alleged by the users as “Twitter is not a real place” anymore.


    In recent updates, Elon Musk’s threatened to abandon Twitter’s account that concerns bots’ accounts on Twitter. Since Twitter has prominent relevance worldwide in daily updates and news on day to day basis the consequence of the trouble on Twitter’s Fake account seems to become disastrous. While Musk’s worry about the integrity of Twitter is valid, the revelation that a large proportion of his followers could be fake or spam accounts has raised questions about the comprehensiveness of the effective current measure to tackle the issue.

    As the situation unfolds, it remains to be a mystery to the acquisition to clarify the audience on its issues of bot/ Fake/ Spam accounts users on Twitter.

    Recently, a new update claimed by Musk said –  Twitter is working to detect the bot’s account and as soon as they show up it will immediately shut them out from Twitter. Additionally, other alternative methods include “Comments and Tweets” which will help to automatically remove the accounts. Elon Musk also retrieved that soon Twitter will also be moving to prosecute scammers anywhere on Earth.

    On the other hand, he has taken major steps to remove spam/ Fake account that has not been active or used for over the past 1.5 years and that will help to dismiss the username space on Twitter, Know more about

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