Rene Fresh Turns The Attention On Him With ‘Fuck U Mean’s Exhilarating Rap Verses

Over the last decade, there have been a ton of new artists coming into the hip-hop scene every year. Rapper Rene Fresh is a rising star in the rap world, and fans across the country have fallen under his spell. When I listened to ‘Fuck U Mean’ the most recent release by him, I was most surprised by its dynamic rap flow and meaningful lyrics. Instead of leading us down a predictable path, the chord arrangement takes a unique and unpredictable turn in the song. The verse delivery breathed life into the libretto and helped make it come alive. This singer’s impressive vocal performance has the ability to influence people’s emotions. Drake, Cassidy, and Ludacris had a major influence on his creativity, as he prioritizes lyrical magnificence in his songs.

Through incorporating multiple rhythms and rhyming schemes, the 27-year-old Tucson, Arizona, hip-hop artist has created the perfect sound and texture. The artist formerly known as Rene Fresh has gained quite a bit of ground since he began rapping in 2007. In 2012, he opened for some of the hip-biggest hop’s names, like 2 Chainz and Future. He has dropped a booming new single on Suspect Familia Records entitled “Fuck U Mean.” The rapping dexterity he displayed and the hard-hitting hip-hop beats were mesmerizing.

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