Ruth Fate, an American singer-songwriter has soul-melting singing that pokes its way deep into the listener

Ruth Fate is a US-based singer, songwriter. She sings with so much passion, dexterity, and
soul. Her music incorporates gospel, pop, afro-pop, folk, soul, etc. She believes that music is a
food for the soul
and so there should be no limit to its reach and means. “I believe that music is life itself. I love music to the core and there’s no day that goes by that I don’t sing a song. I
believe that music should carry a message. It should have a meaning and definitely, content is
one thing that music should have.” Music can change lives, encourage and transform and that is
what my music does. She is the voice of the new generation. For the souls crying out for a
change, for something beyond themselves: Ruth Fate offers the hope that music can provide
that solace they need to be who they want to be. That is what my music offers; Love, Peace and
HOPE of a better world greater than yourself. You just have to believe.

Listen to her latest EP, ‘Genesis‘ here:

Give Myself Love

Merciful Savior

Love is Not Blind

Praise You

Follow her on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook for more information on her upcoming projects.

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