‘Safe & Sound’ By Sophia Verena Is The Pop-Anthem You Need To Tune Into Right Away

A great, well-crafted song can lift the mood in an instant. It is imperative in the times in which we live to pay attention to songs that inspire us to fight for tomorrow. Following my quest to discover song types with a pulse, I discovered Sophia Verena, a 22-year-old German pop singer who has established herself as a new favorite of mine with her uplifting, cheerful sound. She has a unique approach to melody and a song that I can’t get enough of is “Safe and Sound.” On top of that, the lyrics of the song perfectly sum up the sentiments and topics of our time and give us the hope of a better future. She wants everyone to shed their shyness and stop hiding behind their scars.

Sophia Verena has been singing for ten years and has competed in several singing competitions in the past. In 2017, she was featured in the biggest singing competition in Germany. The amazing thing is, she’s effectively leading the pop genre, but she’s leaving her footprint in the mainstream industry almost effortlessly. Everyone will be able to relate to the catchy and uplifting mainstream sound of her song “Safe & Sound.”

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