Talented R&B Artist Tae Envy’s Sensual New Track ‘Take It Off’ Paints A Balanced Picture Of Love And Desire

Take It Off, another new single by upcoming R&B artist Javontae King (or Tae Envy in the industry) was released along with an equally appealing music video. His soulful yet penetrating voice can be considered an instrument in the song. His captivating vocal performance blends perfectly with the hard-hitting instrumental backdrop, all while demonstrating that he was worthy of the Best New Artist award. The steady rhythmic flow makes the blissful singing feel more powerful. When I look at the erotic lyrical illustration for the song, I want to join in with him and sing along. While displaying his own creative and musical skills, the brilliant performer flaunts his workmanship in songwriting and singing.

Philadelphia native Tae Envy has been involved with music for much of his life, starting with middle school. His company, 600 Records, is focused on the creation of fresh musical ideas from his freewheeling thoughts. “Take It Off” is a song with a commanding rhythm and lyrics that dominate the contemporary music industry. Over 20,000 views in a week, the music video of the song has been viewed on YouTube. He has invested a tremendous amount of effort in every aspect of the project.

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