‘Talkin To Ghost’ By La Yungin Fits Nicely Into The Hip Hop Playlist

Several artists in the hip-hop genre of the past few months have described how they were able to make their mark in the industry. Once I’ve listened to them all, I can’t get enough of this one rapper’s style and versatility. By drawing upon the melodic genius of R&B while sprinkling in subtle hints of pop, LA Yungin has an ethereal voice with a liquid melody and poignancy that few could achieve. Making his mark even stronger with his brand new music video, he navigates to the top of the game in ‘Talkin to Ghost.’ For the video, the rapper enjoys listening to his beats while he discusses his honest personal experiences in a relationship.

Once upon a time, LA Yungin performed in a rather spooky setting, surrounded by skulls and candles, but whenever there was a shadow on the wall, he vanished in an instant. The stronger track, “Talking to a Ghost,” presents a fascinating concept that highlights a young rapper’s ambitions of greatness and intrigues me. The song is now available on YouTube for a full watch.

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