The C-Chain is Still Spitting Out Fire Bars

Chamindu Yashod, also known as ‘C Chain‘ is a rapper, lyricist, and director who is passionate about introducing new sounds to Hip Hop music. This young prodigy was born and raised in none other than Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital. He began his music career in high school with a banger called ‘Hood Eka,’ which went viral at the time. It was a mixtape produced by C Chain, The Xoticc, and Rabbit. He’s been working hard since then to get to where he is now.

C Chain and one of his crew members, The Xoticc, released a new song called ‘Ninu‘ yesterday under Serendip Records. Ninu is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

If we go back a little bit, C Chain has had millions of views on his music videos, beginning with ‘Ganan,’ which was released in 2019. He then released ‘Shot 2’, ‘Ginnak,’ ‘Mahasen,’ and ‘Gassenna,’ all of which went viral due to the high quality of their music videos and lyrics. C Chain has collaborated with a number of notable Sri Lankan artists, including Cairo Rich, Assasinandie, Ayrid X, and Costa, to name a few.

C Chain is unquestionably at the pinnacle of the Sri Lankan rap scene. With catchy lyrics and music videos, he can easily draw attention to himself.

You can follow him on major social media platforms to stay in touch with his new music.





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