Tinyvix’s newest single, “ON ME” provides an unforgettable acoustic experience

Hip-hop is a global genre, welcoming musicians of any cultural or geographic origin, regardless of how it was originally created in the United States. This genre has attracted musicians from all over the world. They sought to establish their reputation. Among his creative and entertaining musical creations, Tinyvix, who performs under the stage name Afeez Babs, is giving new life to the hip-hop genre. He has recently dropped an incredible new single, “ON ME,” on various streaming platforms, offering fans an authentic hip-hop experience, featuring a combination of Afro-beats and rhymes from his signature style.

At an early age, the young and eccentric upcoming artist from Canberra has been a fan of a wide range of music. He has always found hip-authenticity hop’s and originality exciting. Ever since he was a young child, he began writing his own poems. His real thoughts and feelings were conveyed in the imagery of his lyrics. He works from facts. This most likely depicts the world around him, as well as his personal experiences, in the most artistic way possible. His music allows the listener to recognize parallels in their own lives and emotions, providing a sense of serenity.

The newly graduated musician is currently working for Creative Minds Studio, which is a small production house. Over the course of his career, he has earned a spot among the genre’s elite by consistently creating memorable, hip-hop bangers. Using his thematic knowledge and rhyming dexterity, he showcases his true talent with the latest single “ON ME.” His unparalleled rap verses’ profound lyrical wordplay enters the hearts of the audience and rips through them. With previous projects like “Sober – Freestyle”, “Love It…”, and “Put In Work”, he has already made a massive impact on the global hip hop fans.

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