Upcoming Artist Kelsie Watts’ New Song ‘Summertime Anthem’ Defines New Dimensions of Pop-Rock

Pop-rock with an edge of electronic modulations has the glorious soundscape of the new release by singer-songwriter Kelsie Watts, who goes by the stage name Kelsie Watts.

Kelsie Watts’ new song, “Summertime Anthem,” was recently released to raving reviews and audience engagement. The song is a true summer anthem thanks to its enjoyable vibe and style. The song is available for download on Terrible Children Record, and it was written and produced by the artist as well as recorded and mixed by the band’s members Mo Brown, Nikki Williams, and Zach Seabolt. The song’s energy and glitz carved out a place in the pantheon of timeless pop culture.

A captivating course of rock-infused pop music with the aid of electronic production touches is synthesized into a remarkable release. ‘Summertime Anthem’ uses new-age biases to shape perceptions of others and ultimately facilitates total liberation. Certainly, the electronic pop anthem will help her career and also put her on the map, both locally and internationally. In addition to the several songs that exemplify her lighthearted nature, such as ‘Look What You Missed’, ‘I Dare You’, ‘Starstruck – Pink Panda Remix’, and ‘Difficult’, there are also a few other songs that demonstrate her whimsy, such as ‘Groovin’ to the Full Hip Hop Beat’, ‘Let’s Make a Date’, and ‘The Paparazzi Song’.

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